We are in an era where convenience meets innovation. Automotive accessories play a vital role in upgrading the driving experience. In the sequence of that, today we will gladly introduce an amazing gadget. That will make your daily work easier. The HOTOR Car Trash Can has picked the interest of consumers. It is a practical and efficient solution for maintaining a tidy car interior. Here we will provide a in depth review of this useful product. We will delve into the features, specifications, our team’s hands on experience, and the broader impact of the HOTOR Car Trash Can on the automotive accessory market.

Car Trash Can Features and Specification

This amazing product is a 2 gallon capacity car trash can from the brand Hotor. The product comes in a sleek black color. Besides, it has an open top mechanism for easy disposal. It is made of polyester material. It is recommended for use in cars. Besides, the trash can is wear resistance. moreover, it has a rectangular shape with an unfinished exterior finish type. Besides the item weighs 7.8 ounces and measures 5.5″L x 7.9″W x 10.2″H. The manufacturer of the product is Hotor and the item model number is HT138. Also it has not been discontinued by the manufacturer and its manufacturer part number is A000138BL. The details are described shortly below for your better understanding-

Technical Details of Car Trash Can

Brand: Hotor

Capacity: 2 gallon

Colour: black

Opening mechanism: Open top

Material: Polyester

Recommended uses for product: CAR

Special feature: Abrasion resistant

Shape: Rectangular 

Finish type: Unfinished

Item weight: 7.8 ounce

Product Dimensions: ‎5.5″L x 7.9″W x 10.2″H

Manufacturer: ‎HOTOR

Item model number: ‎HT138

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: no

Exterior: unfinished

Manufacturer Part Number: A000138BL

Special Features: ‎Abrasion-resistant

Car Trash Can Key features

A car trash can is a compact and useful gadget. It will make your lifestyle easier.  So here, a short description of this product is given below-

Adjustable Strap & Collapsible Shape

Car owners find the adjustable strap feature in the HOTOR car trash invaluable. Because it adapts to any car structure perfectly. Furthermore, it’s easier to attach to both front and back headrests as well as the corner because of the thoughtful design. The portable shape is not only functional but also a space saving solution. It can cater to the diverse needs of different car interiors. 

Magnetic Snaps

One of the standout features of the HOTOR Car Trash Can is the metallic magnetic snaps. Because there are four metallic magnetic snaps inside the Trash Can. These snaps play an important role in fastening extra trash bags. Because the four snaps make the replacement process easier compared to the traditional trash bags. Its elegant yet simple appearance sets an attachment to the users. Two simple steps to go to replace the trash bag with a new one.

Durable Leakproof Inner Lining

The inner lining of this car garbage can is made with a waterproof and leakproof material. During testing our team found it very easy and suitable to wash and clean the can. Even there is no need to worry about spilling food or stubborn stains. So, the overall outcome is very appreciable for using in our daily life.

Multipurpose Functionality


Beyond its primary function as a car trash container, the HOTOR product is a versatile storage bag. During our exploration, we discovered it expertly holds items such as cups, toys, and accessories. Moreover, we can transform it into a multifunctional accessory. The waterproof advantage further positions it as an excellent car cooler.  Moreover, it provides us with maximum value for the investment.

Great Compatibility

The HOTOR Car Trash Can’s design is so fit for various types of cars including sedans, SUVs, and trucks. Our team thoroughly tested its compatibility which gave a very satisfying result.  Also, you can smoothly compact into different vehicles. It presents its effectiveness in catering to individuals with a need for a neat and organized car interior.

Why Hotor Car Trash Can is a Must have?

I bought a HOTOR car trash can with a lid and storage pocket a few days ago.  Using it to keep my car clean and tidy.  Which worked really well. Every aspects of this product amazed me.

Outstanding design

The design of the HOTOR trash can is very beautiful.  Here, the lid also has very nice features.  As a result, it prevents any bad smell from spreading in the car.  Also its beautiful design blends perfectly with the interior of the car.  Which makes the user more attractive.  It has a small size which helps one to fit easily.

Easy to use

Trash cans are easy to empty and clean.  There is no reason for the protective cover to fall open or get damaged.  And there is no chance of dirt coming out or spilling into the car.  Also, its inner lining is easy to wipe down and helps maintain hygiene.  So, its toolless straps make installation quick and effortless

Multipurpose and Storage Pockets

Additional storage pockets add great functionality for everyday use.  These pockets hold wipes, tissues, and other small items together. So it is perfect for keeping within reach.  It’s like living in a mini space in a car.  It can also be used as a storage bag to keep essentials.

Adjustable straps

This tool is easy to install thanks to the easy strap.  Because the straps are easy to use by securely attaching the trash can to various parts inside the car.  It stays in place even when the car comes to a sudden stop.


One of its standout features is the durability of the materials used.  Because this trash can is made of excellent materials. That withstands daily use. It is also easy to clean.  Moreover it easily occupies its place in the garbage disposal.  And the waterproof and leakproof material helps keep any food in place.

Space-Saving Design:

The HOTOR car trash can is designed to save space while always providing utility. Its compact size allows it to fit securely inside the car most of the time without taking up valuable space.  This beautiful design ensures that it can be conveniently placed in various places at any time.  For example, it is possible to attach to the front or back seat, console, or even to the car door.

Our team experience on Car Trash Can

Our team has been using this useful gadget for a while. The benefits of this product are described below-

Our team experience on Car Trash Can

Our team has been using this useful gadget for a while. The benefits of this product are described below-

Overall amazing design

Our team had a good hands on experience with the Hotor car trash can. There was a lot of practical insight into its performance. Besides, it uses a durable, leakproof design and a magnetic snap. The standout feature is the ease of replacing the trash bag. In addition, another plus point is the adjustable strap and foldable shape. The trash can can easily integrate into various car setups.

Great Compatibility

Our team members can think of the trash especially relevant because we used a power chair. The van has a smooth surface. Thus the compatibility of the product with various cars has become evident. Its simple design contributes to a good experience.

Large capacity

Our team members clearly mentioned that the trash holds its shape well once set up. Also noteworthy is the inclusion of two matching trash bags. The product’s ability to hold trash has contributed to good ratings.

Will it be Wise to Invest in The HOTOR Car Trash Can?

The HOTOR Car Trash Can is a reliable, versatile, and user friendly solution. Because it keeps your car interior clean. It has innovative features and positive performance. That makes it a valuable automotive accessory. We have provided a broad overview of the HOTOR Car Trash Can. It includes its features, user experiences, and our team’s assessment. Furthermore we have indeed tried to highlight the product’s features in this explanation. Moreover, described our team’s assessment. That provides a comprehensive overview of the HOTOR Car Trash Can. As we continue to navigate the world of automotive accessories. Innovations like the HOTOR Car Trash Can pave the way for a more organized and pleasing driving experience.


Small plastic plates support the straps on the two sides which makes the car trash can more three dimensional.

The inside of the bin has a waterproof liner. Also, you can easily wipe it off. But we don’t recommend pouring liquid directly into it

Yes, This product could apply to any type of car, and it works pretty well!

There are several magnets inside of this car trash can. It is can fix the trash bag. Furthermore, this design makes the replacement of trash bags easier. Also, prevents trash bags from falling off perfectly.

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