Traveling is an essential part of our day to day life. We use various types of vehicles like cars or trucks. Sometimes there’s a small space between the seat and the center console. That can cause many problems. It is annoying and even dangerous if you drop something important in there while driving. To solve this problem, the Drop Stop Car Seat Gap Filler was created. It’s a clear solution seen on Shark Tank that fills that gap. So today we will provide a detailed review of this amazing product. We’ll look at its features, technical details, and unique experiences. That will give a crystal clear knowledge about this product. So you can decide whether to keep it in your inventory or not.


Drop Stop Car Seat Gap Filler Overview

The Drop Stop Car Seat Gap Filler is available in a set of 2. It is more than just a convenience.  Because, it’s a safety measure that provides 100% gap coverage in front of, surrounding, and behind the seat belt catch. Here are some key aspects of the Drop Stop:

  • Product: Drop Stop Car Seat Gap Filler (Set of 2)
  • Brand: Drop Stop
  • Original and Patented: The Drop Stop is the original and patented seat gap filler, preventing items from falling down the gap.
  • Universal Fit: Each package includes 2 Drop Stops (for the driver and passenger sides) with a universal fit for most vehicles.

Technical Details and Features of Car Seat Gap Filler:

Firstly, the Drop Stop car gap filler is designed to prevent items from falling through gaps. Besides, it fills the gap between the car and the center console.

Secondly, the gap filler is manufactured by Drop Stop, a car accessories brand. Its model name is also Seat Gap Filler.  

Thirdly, the Drop Stop Gap Filler weighs 11.2 ounces which is very lightweight.  Its dimensions are 17.95 x 5.04 x 2.6 inches. 

Fourthly, items model number and manufacturer part number are both unique identifiers for the product. The model name is Car Seat Gap Filler.

Finally, the product has a voltage of 12 volts. Its ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) is B00BYH6C1E.

The origin of this product is China, made in China.

Manufacturer: Drop Stop

Brand: Drop Stop

Model: Car Seat Gap Filler

Item Weight: 11.2 ounces

Product Dimensions: 17.95 x 5.04 x 2.6 inches

Country of Origin: China

Item Model Number: DR001

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No

Manufacturer Part Number: DR001

Voltage: 12 Volts


Product Features:

Drop Stop gap filler Provides 100% Gap Coverage in front, surrounding, and behind the seat belt catch. But also, Its built in slot helps attach to the seat belt. As it moves with the seat, no need to readjust or reinstall twice.

After all, It blocks any unnecessary and annoying gaps between the car or truck seat and the center console.

The Drop Stop is the Authentic and distinct seat gap filler. Besides, it’s designed with firm material and ensures a lifetime of service.

Its packaging has 2 drop stops.  Which is one for the driver and one for the passenger side.  Also includes 1 bonus slide free pad and 1 bonus LED credit card light.

Drop Stop Car Filler fits most of the vehicles. Its High Grade Neoprene casing allows it to settle and expand to the preferable size. 

Available in black color. It creates a Black Shadow effect which is barely noticeable. Hence the interior fashion remains the same without standing out the change.

One of the standout features is the Rinse and Reuse Feature.

Its perfect size and settlement keep items in place and prevent distraction while driving.

My Personal Experience on Car Seat Gap Filler

I wanted to share how the Drop Stop Car Seat Gap Filler worked for me. It has greatly helped me in many situations. For example, it was really easy to install. Moreover, it’s already saved me a lot of frustration. Once I lost my car keys down the gap and it took me nearly an hour to find them. I usually keep my phone on the left side of the steering wheel and it often falls into the gap near the door. Initially, I was unsure about buying it, but now I’m really glad I did.

Why to Buy Car Seat Gap Filler?

Car seat gap filler increases driving comfort by closing the gap between car seats. However, It is durable and made of high quality materials.  And it prevents small items from falling into the gaps. Its beautiful sleek design blends effortlessly into the car interior. It also presents a neat and comfortable driving experience.  As a result car users become more interested in using it.

Safety First

Drop Stop Car Seat Gap Filler takes the worry out of things falling out, and provides safety.  In the items we can put keys, phone, makeup or other small things. In any case, drop stop seat gap filler prevents them from becoming a hazard and facilitates safe driving.

Universal Fit

The drop stop’s universal fit helps it fit most vehicles. Its high-quality fittings are therefore easily removed to fit any size gap. The dark shade color ensures that once installed, the gap is virtually invisible until the drop stops.

Bonus Gifts

Each package comes with not only 2 Drop Stops but also valuable bonus gifts. A Slide Free Pad (a $10 value) and an LED Credit Card Light (a $5 value). And These additions boost the overall user experience. Also, it offers additional utility and convenience.

Technical Specifications of Car Seat Gap Filler

An understanding of the technical features of the Drop Stop Car Seat Gap Filler and its design and performance clarity is given below:

Original and Patented Design

The seat gap filler is original and patented. As a result drop Stop has proven durability and performance.  Its design is such that it can be attached to the seat belt between the two seats. Moreover, it also ensures that it moves with the seat, eliminating the need for readjustment.

Universal Compatibility

It’s one size fits most vehicles.  So thanks to the high-grade neoprene casing that allows the drop stop to adapt to different gap sizes.  Besides, its fitness makes it a versatile solution for different car makes and models.


The Drop Stop Car Seat Gap Filler operates at 12 Volts. While it ensures compatibility with standard car electrical systems. Its features and benefits make it easy to use.

Our Team Experience on Car Seat Gap Filler

Our team members reviewed the real world effects of the Drop Stop Car Seat Gap Filler. Let’s explore the key sentiments expressed by our team members:

Easy Installation and Prevention of Issues

The simplicity of installing a drop stop and its effectiveness in preventing common problems are many. Gap coverage ensures items do not fall between cracks. After all, Saves time and prevents possible back strain.

Versatile Use Cases

Makeup and other small items are protected. These can be divided into several areas, from preventing keys from falling out to being secure. Otherwise, drop Stop can work with any vehicle. Where there is a seat configuration with a gap. This increases its versatility. 

Quality Materials and Longevity

The materials used in the drop stop are of superior quality. Also, It is odor free. Moreover, Its durability is very reliable. It will be long term rather than isolated.

Better Than Alternatives

Had reservations about it at first but ended up choosing the drop stop over the copycat version. The quality of materials has improved. Ease of installation and attach around the seat belt clip. This fact distinguishes it from other alternative methods.

Decisions about Car Seat Gap Filler

Lastly, The Drop Stop car seat gap filler is more than ease. It’s a safety object that solves a common yet overlooked issue. Moreover, it focuses on preventing distractions and easing safe driving. Additionally. The drop stop provides a simple and effective solution to the gap between car seats and center consoles. So, Investing in this product will definitely pay off in the long term.


It is a device that fills the space between two car seats. That helps to keep small items.

Place it in the gap to create a barrier.  Most fillers are flexible and adjustable to fit different car models.

Yes, it fits with most of the cars

Quality gap fillers are very durable.  It is made from materials that ensure long lasting functionality.

A soft cloth can clean it most of the time.

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